After the 1st Memorial Di Meo played last weekend at the Palajacazzi in Aversa, it’s time to take stock for the Volleyball coach Marcianise Michele Pacecchi: “I tried different solutions using every single athlete. I was looking for answers that I got last weekend starting with Bizzarro who performed well having to replace Vacchiano in the first three races of the season. The boys responded to my requests against opponents who proved to be well equipped. The level will be very high and what I can say is that there is also Marcianise at those levels. While not facing Aversa, I can say that he is certainly among the best equipped because he has very strong players in every department ”. In two weeks we will finally take the field for the first official match: “By 9 October we will be in top condition. In this period we still suffer a little from the loads but then from next week there will be the unloading phase that will allow us to be in optimal shape at the beginning. We have a lot of hopes for this new tournament and the feelings are really positive ”.