The data man confirms and raises. Alessandro Mamprin will still be the scout of the Volley Team Club in the 2023/24 season in which he will also cover the role of Assistant Coach of Daniele Moretti.
A passion for volleyball that starts from afar and which, despite his very young age, has already led him to be second coach in women’s volleyball, scout and beach volleyball coach.

Your career in the world of Volleyball?
I started playing from an early age, from when I was 4-5 years old from minivolley to GS Sant’Angelo, my country’s team, then at the age of 13 I went to the Kioene Padova youth team where I was for 4 years and where I won a U14 championship in 2013 (first in the history of Pallavolo Padova), obtained a 3rd place in the U13 3×3 national teams, won 3 regional championships and various provincial championships.
Then, not wanting to play as a libero but as a setter, I decided to change clubs and spent a year at Agorà Venezia before moving on to Dinamica Solesino, where the first year (17/18) I made the youth team and Serie C, and the next three seasons I only made the C making it all the way to the promotion playoffs.
In the meantime, during the last season played in 20/21, I was an assistant coach at Synergy Volley Venezia (Serie C and U18), a youth women’s team with which we obtained promotion to B2.
From the following season I decided to stop playing because I realized I had a great motivation to become a coach, and there was an opportunity to be a second coach in the newly obtained B2 and Under 16 at Synergy Volley Venice and I couldn’t say say no. This season we achieved a great salvation and above all a great eighth place in the Under 16 Women’s National Finals.
Last season I always finished second in B2 and U16, but this year we lost B2 in the Golden set of the playouts and missed the Regional Final Four with the Under 16 by a whisker!
In the meantime, again in this last season, I received the Volley Team’s proposal to be a scoutman and I couldn’t refuse (especially if the head coach is called Paolo Tofoli) despite the 2 championships I already played at Synergy.
In the summer I have been Beach Volleyball Coach at the JBA in Jesolo since 2019, last summer with two couples we graduated as Champions and Vice Champions of Italy U16 Women, a unique emotion to see them play against a final!
This year I could not refuse the request to be the second coach in A3 given the great opportunity offered to enter the world of professionalism, at 23 years old (I seem to be the youngest to make his debut) it doesn’t happen every day that I enter be part of these stages, so I immediately jumped at this opportunity!