Cucine Lube Civitanov’sa preparations for Game 4 of the Play Off Scudetto Credem Banca quarter-finals continue at a rapid pace. The away to Pala AGSM AIM on Saturday 1 April (8.30 pm) is approaching and the red and whites are sweating in the gym to get to top condition. This afternoon, under the eyes of a satisfied Chicco Blengini, the Italian champions sweated in the gym with the staff, trying and retrying the phases of the game, with targeted exercises for receiving and serving. The group from the Marches wants to return from Verona with a positive result, starting with the captain Luciano De Cecco, who will play his 100th match in a Play Off Scudetto in the shadow of the Arena. The goal of the cooks is to impact the series to play for the next round in Game 5.

Romano Giannini has his say after the afternoon’s work: “We’re feeling the same positive sensations as last year – reveals the second coach -, when we found ourselves against the wall against Trento in the Semifinal. It’s not over in the Play Offs until the last ball falls to the ground and Lube has the potential to make it to Game 5. We’re back in the water again, but we are aware that we have won an important challenge. We don’t have to think too much, but we have to work, work and work again! We already did it because after coming close to winning Race 2 we didn’t tear our hair out, but we were good at resetting everything by focusing on training ahead of the third round and we reaped the rewards. We are also doing this in preparation for the blitz in Veneto with the hope of repeating ourselves in the game”.