After six days, the Blue group of the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship presents a scattered table in single file: Banca Macerata 14 points, Smartsystem Fano 13, Rinascita Lagonegro 12 and ErmGroup San Giustino 11. The biancazzurri, who with the exception of the match in Lagonegro they have always moved up the table, they rose to fourth place thanks to three consecutive victories (the last 3-0 against Tim Montaggi Marcianise) and with Niccolò Cappelletti we take stock of the situation when a quarter of the regular season already lies in the archives . “I would say that the balance should be considered good – says the spiker from Perugia, in his second season with the ErmGroup shirt – because I consider this start of the championship more than positive; if nothing else, we are not very far from the top and everything is still to be played for even for those behind us, especially since some of the pursuers have already observed the rest period”. Among other things, Bari’s external blow to Palmi also re-evaluated the victory in Puglia. “The Bari team has quality, but the others also have valid personnel and we have noticed this in these last few matches. In the first part of the championship they are not yet discovered, then what has been built so far will come to light later, because this is the moment in which the game and mechanisms will have to emerge.” Against Marcianise it wasn’t a walk in the park and we knew it, but even in difficult moments you managed to get the better of it. The demonstration of the fact that this ErmGroup is also capable of suffering? “Yes and it is proof of the unity that exists in the group: when we suffer together, we become stronger, because we acquire the right temperament, the one that led us to slow down the opponents’ comeback in the first set, to impose ourselves in the second after recovering from 21-23 and winning the third more easily.” How does the agreement with the setter Biffi work? “It is improving, thanks also to the communication that exists between us players and which is needed to reach a union of intentions. Biffi is involved for the first time together with experienced teammates and with the bar of objectives which is now higher. A good test for him too.” Two words for Stoppelli and Skuodis: an extra guarantee for the team? “Even those who entered the race, as they did, gave their precious contribution. It means that we have a long bench, or – better yet – that our squad is deep, including the youngsters who are growing: I’m referring to Ricci, Cozzolino and Panizzi.”