Great success for the 1st National Youth Volleyball Tournament “Memorial Bruno and Claudio Estasi” (formerly Memorial Bruno Estasi), organized on Sunday 5 February at the gyms of the Oltretorrente, Del Chicca and Bodoni complexes in Parma by Energy Volley Parma and Volley Parma with collaboration of the Fipav Parma Territorial Committee and the Estasi family, the patronage of the Municipality of Parma, the support of numerous partners and reserved for the Under 15 male and Under 14 female categories. Eighteen teams from all over Northern Italy, equally divided between the two sectors, for a total of 236 participating athletes (124 males and 112 females accompanied by 43 technicians and managers) who in the morning played the qualifying round from three teams each with one-way races at the end of which, based on the classification, the final rounds of the afternoon were determined to establish the placements from first to ninth place. Success among the men went to Itas Trentino Volley which preceded, in order, Consar Ravenna, WiMORE Energy Parma Gialla, VgModena Volley, Anderlini Blu, Volleyball Bologna, Territorial Selection Fipav CT Parma, Univolley Tecnocasa Bianca, WiMORE Energy Parma Blu while among the girls Anderlini Pediatrica Blu prevailed in front of WiMORE Energy Sc Parma, Viadana Vbc, Mosaico Teodora Ravenna, Volley 2.0 Crema, Fasoli Gioielli Montirone, Volley San Michelese, Volleyball Faenza and WiMORE Energy Parma 13. An edition totally renewed after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic and for the first time named after Bruno Estasi, the first player from Parma to be called up to the Italian national volleyball team, pioneer of Volleyball Parma and champion of Ferrovieri Parma who won two championships in 1950 and in ’51, and to his son Claudio, who died prematurely in December 2020, an appreciated youth and amateur football coach but, above all, creator and soul for many years of the tournament dedicated to the father. During the day many volleyball champions wanted to be present at this important event: Claudio Piazza, former coach of the multi-scudetto Santal and multiple winner of the Champions Cup, Aristo Isola, former manager of Santal, Panini, Maxicono and Nazionale, Luigi Roncoroni, ex National, winner of the 1970 Universiade and the Scudetto with Parma in 1968/69, and Carlo Devoti, also ex National and winner of the 1970 Universiade.