Cucine Lube CIVITANOVA – Halkbank ANKARA 3-1 (31-29, 25-20, 23-25, 25-20)

GOLDEN SET (12-15)

Cucine Lube CIVITANOVA: Garcia Fernandez 1, D’Amico, Balaso (L), Zaytsev 32, Chinenyeze 7, Nikolov 15, Diamantini, De Cecco 2, Anzani 5, Bottolo 4, Yant Herrera 20. N.E. Ambrose (L), Slim, Gotthard. Herds Blengini. Halkbank ANKARA: Eksi 0, Ivgen (L), Matic 11, Jaeschke 20, Done (L), Gulmezoglu, Ma’a 3, Abdel-Aziz 26, Ulu 3, Tayaz 5, Bruno 2. N.E. Dogruluk, Coskun. All. Atik.

Referees: Jurkovic (CRO) and Collados (FRA)

Partials: 31-29 (38′), 25-20 (29′), 23-25 ​​(32′) 25 -20 (30′). GS (17′). Total 2h 26′.

Civitanova: 24 missed hits, 5 aces, 9 winning blocks, 57% in attack, 45% receiving (24% perfect). Ankara: 17 missed hits, 9 aces, 3 blocks, 46% in attack, 54% in reception (31% perfect). Spectators: 3,325. MVP: Zaitsev.

GIANLORENZO BLENGINI (coach): “We were very good in approaching the match, but also in terms of tactics and courage. We made a few too many mistakes in serving, but these are games to be faced by taking risks. The boys managed to get back into the fourth set believing in it and without accepting the provocations. We know that the Golden Set can be decided by a ball. In the counterattack to go ahead 11-10 Yant shot well, as I ask, but the ball went over the wall by a few millimetres. The team has shown quality, confidence in being able to overturn a result and the ability to play at an important level even in difficult times. Now we have to do a reset, rest and then throw ourselves into the Play Offs knowing that they will all be intense challenges, in which quality and resilience will be needed”.

ALEX NIKOLOV: “I am very sorry because at the Golden Set we had positive inertia after the comeback, but we didn’t make it. I’ve always trained for these matches and this was my first Champions League, I didn’t want to let it slip, also because I was disappointed with my performance in Turkey. I played well today, but it’s the result that counts. It must be said that I had never seen a palas with so much energy. I hope to find him like this again on Sunday because we want to beat Verona”.