On Wednesday 9 August, the Conad Volley Tricolore team experienced an unforgettable afternoon in Castelnovo ne Monti, first among stables, milk, round bales and fodder at the foot of the Pietra di Bismantova, then with a dive into history in the Campo Pianelli park among archaeological finds, necropolis, examples of life from the Copper and Bronze Ages and finally with the “Parmigiano Experience”, i.e. a guided tour of the Casale Cooperative Dairy, but also themed games, a tasting tour of  various product maturations and a grand finale with the opening of a very special form of 70 months. This ritual was intended to celebrate the Dairy which last Monday won the first prize at the Casina Parmigiano Reggiano Fair in the context of the product aged over 40 months.

Waiting for the team’s players and staff in the Campo Pianelli area was Linda Costi, ArcheoVea’s environmental hiking guide who, during the approach walk to the archaeological park, described the peculiarities of the area and who once arrived on site made use of ancient objects and faithful copies of finds that have attracted the attention and interest of sportsmen. Thanks to augmented reality and the most modern technologies, players were also able to visualize the camp that stood in the area where they were almost 4000 years ago.