Having left behind the last stop to make room for the Italian Cup final, the A2 Credem Banca championship restarts this weekend with the matches of the 19th day. And for Consar Rcm the away match in Brescia is looming (to be played tomorrow at 6pm at the Centro San Filippo) against Consoli Mc Donald’s, beaten 3-0 in the first leg. The two teams, separated in the standings by one point (Ravenna tenth with 24 points, Brescia eleventh with 23 points), and with the same result won in the second leg (six points), return to the field with the same desire for revenge, both being veterans of stoppage. Bonitta’s team stopped at the Pala Costa in front of Cuneo, the Lombards have an open series of three defeats in a row. It is evident that the stakes are high, with the need to achieve results on the one hand to keep the playout area away (which involves the penultimate and antepenultimate) and on the other to keep the playoff area in sight.
“We have defined our objective clearly; that is, we have to work, think and play to stay in A2 – affirms peremptorily Marco Bonitta, coach of Consar Rcm – because when we had the opportunity to think of something different we were not able to take the right step. It doesn’t have to be a drama. We knew that we had to define the objective also within the championship and now this objective is clear. Brescia is the first of eight games, all decisive. We are expected to play five direct matches between now and the end and we know that one or two subdued matches would put us in difficulty, one or two top-level matches would give us serenity and energy”.
The coach from Ravenna invites his boys to keep their guard up. And the 3-0 of the first leg shouldn’t be taken too much as a reference. “They had numerous physical problems and a few too many injuries – remembers Bonitta – and they are a totally different team compared to the one we beat in the first leg. They have recovered the players who were injured, they introduced two valuable elements in December and they are very fearsome at home. It will therefore be a match without any point of contact with that of the first leg. We expect a very tough game.”