New partnership between Cuneo Volleyball and Immobiliare Cuneese. The Biancoblù Club and Matteo Martino’s real estate agency certainly share the importance of “feeling at home”.

Captain Iacopo Botto and Matteo Pedron tested the professionalism and innovation of the Agency’s constructions by visiting the “Residenza Chiri” construction site in Madonna dell’Olmo.

« My passion for volleyball started as a child; in those years in Cuneo volleyball was growing more and more and in children like me, there was a crazy desire to play a sport that I still consider fantastic. As an enthusiast, I am very proud to give my contribution to Cuneo Volley» – these are the words of Matteo Martino, owner of Immobiliare Cuneese.

Immobiliare Cuneese was born 10 years ago from an idea of ​​the owner, Matteo Martino, to provide a service in the real estate world that goes beyond simple advertising: “Over the years I have discovered that the figure of the mediator can be very important to give peace of mind to those looking for to buy or sell a property and my experience in construction, has led to mainly sales on the new, especially in this period where the construction industry has evolved a lot. I remain available for anyone who wants information on the innovative solutions I have to offer».