It’s almost time for the Junior League, the most important Italian youth tournament. The competition, which is dedicated to Under 20 teams and which this year will see boys born in 2003, 2004 and 2005 on the field, will see the participation of ten formations, and among them there will also be Emma Villas Volleyball. The event will take place between Civitanova Marche and Potenza Picena from 1st to 4th June and will see the ten participating teams divided into two groups. It will be the thirtieth edition of the tournament, on which the spotlights of the national volleyball world are turned on in search of who could be the new talents and future volleyball champions.

The four days of the “Final Ten” will see the first two days of competitions entirely dedicated to the groups. The key day will be Saturday 3 June, when the matches of the last round of the group, decisive for placement, will be played: the first two teams of each group will advance to the semi-finals (scheduled for the same evening, at 7pm). In the afternoon the challenges that will decide the final placement between seventh and tenth place will also be played. Sunday, on the other hand, will open with the final for 5th-6th place (among the teams arriving third in the two groups) and will continue with the final for 3rd-4th place (among the losing semi-finalists). The “main event” will be the final that will award the title, which will be played at 4 pm.

Emma Villas Siena was included in group A together with Gamma Chimica Brugherio (which won the last edition of the event and which represents the youth sector of Milan), Pallavolo Padova, Sir Safety Susa Perugia and Valsa Group Modena.

Group B includes Itas Trentino, Cucine Lube Civitanova, Vero Volley Monza, Top Volley Cisterna and WithU Verona.

The elite of volleyball therefore meets for this event in the Marche region.

“We will take part in the Junior League with members of our Under 19 teams from Siena and Chiusi – comments Luigi Banella, head of the youth sector of Emma Villas Volleyball. – We will play four matches in our group against teams that are ahead of us on paper. Very strong teams will be present at this event, I’m thinking of Brugherio, Trento, Monza, Lube. I told our boys to face this occasion with the desire to compete against the best Italian youth teams. It will be an opportunity to see what point and level we have reached, it will be an opportunity for us to grow”.