The ride of Moyashi Garlasco stops at 7 consecutive victories in a second round that saw her slowly climb up the standings after a difficult halfway point. The 3-1 knockout on the San Donà field means for the neroverdi to postpone access to the play-off phase, the objective of the second season in Serie A3 for the club of President Silvia Strigazzi, until the last delicate match with San Giustino.

Coach Vittorio Bertini talks about the defeat against the Venetians: “We are all rather disappointed and bruised by the away game in San Donà. Needless to say what could have been and was not: their motivations weighed more than our goal”. The Venetians, in fact, were looking for 1 point which would mean guaranteed salvation. But, despite the predictions, coach Paolo Tofoli’s boys were able to recover the initial 0-1 and close the match by winning the entire booty.

“The paradoxical aspect – continues the neroverde coach – is that the numbers return the photograph of a balanced match, with very few points of difference in each set, and played with very good percentages in almost all the fundamentals: numbers that usually lead to victory. The Mandilaris-Baratti diagonal was superlative, but the Venetians above all had the merit of resolving the key episodes in their favor.

Despite the 7 consecutive victories, we are still not sure of a play-off place and we are awaited, exactly like last year (ndr in which salvation was played) from a vibrant last day. It’s the beauty of our sport, which can be commented with a ‘not a fair shot’ just like ‘everything is in our hands'”.