Sir Susa Vim Perugia’s adventure at the Club World Cup in India is about to begin.
Club World Cup officially started today in Bangalore with the challenges between HalkBank Ankara and Suntory Susbirds for Pool B, with a surprise victory in three sets for the Japanese, and between Itambè Minas and Ahmedabad Defenders for Pool A, the same as the Block Devils, in which the Brazilian players always prevailed in three sets.
For the Bianconeri, however, it was the classic pre-match day. The team carried out a physical work session in the morning in the hotel’s weight room and in the afternoon technical finishing training in a second building made available by the organisation. Training in which coach Lorenzetti has developed the latest technical and tactical situations in view of tomorrow when Sir Susa Vim will make its debut in the event by facing Itambè at 8.30pm local time, 4.00pm Italian time. Minas with live streaming on the web platform. Second match of the day preceded by the Pool A match between the other Brazilian team present, Sada Cruzeiro, and the Japanese Suntory Sunbirds.
“Not an easy start to the tournament,” says Juventus sporting director Goran Vujevic. “Tomorrow we will face Minas, we also faced them last year, we won but it wasn’t easy. We are settling in in the best possible way in view of this match. Minas is a historic club that has always been among the top teams in the Brazilian championship and aims high. They have their ambitions in this World Cup like we do, it will be a difficult match and then the debut in an event is always to be taken with a grain of salt.”
“From what we have seen, they command respect in the sideout because they are very precise in receiving, it will be up to us to try to offend them there with our serve and, when this is not possible, to work as best we can and aggressively in defence. For us it is the debut in the event and, as I told the boys, it will not be easy to get back into rhythm, we will have to do it together by living the race moment well. The boys have had a good period of settling in here in Bangalore, we are in line with the intentions we had and we are ready to give everything.”

SIR SUSA VIM PERUGIA: Giannelli-Ben Tara, Flavio-Solè, Plotnytskyi-Semeniuk, Colaci libero. All. Lorenzetti.
ITAMBÈ MINAS: Orlando-Sanchez, Isac-Renan, Lucas Loh-Coelho, Maique libero. All. Guilherme.