The fever rises for the showdown in the Scudetto semifinal. The atmosphere is that of special challenges, with the Eurosuole Forum sold out in the blink of an eye, the Predators promising a monochromatic glance and two teams ready to face each other and give life to another cinematic sports battle.

The Play Off Credem Banca Semifinal series between Cucine Lube Civitanova and Allianz Milano will have its epilogue on Tuesday 25 April (at 6 pm with live coverage from and Radio Arancia) in a Eurosuole Forum packed in every order of seats. Cucinieri and Meneghini are at 2-2: after the clear success of Chicco Blengini’s men in Game 1, Roberto Piazza’s backslide at the tie break in the second round of the sextet arrived and the subsequent blitz of the Ambrosians with the maximum difference in third act, but also the crazy comeback of the Italian champions on Saturday in Milan from 0-2 to 3-2 in the fourth face-to-face match. Game 5 will offer more strong emotions, the red and white will have to fight until the end.

Eurosoles Forum sold out
Record presale. On Sunday, just a few minutes were needed from the opening of the ticket presale to reach a full house in view of Race 5.

All in red shirts
The Predators fans of Lube nel Cuore have launched an appeal to all season-ticket holders and ticket holders for the match between Civitanova and Milan to go to Tuesday’s match in a red shirt and make it a fantastic sight.

The latest training from Milan

In Game 4 of the Semifinal Scudetto, Milan fell at home in the tie break with Lube. Roberto Piazza’s formation took the field with Porro dribbling diagonally with the opposite Patry, Ishikawa and Mergarejo on the side, Loser and Piano on the side, Pesaresi libero. During the match there was room for Fusaro and Vitelli.

Gianlorenzo Blengini (coach Cucine Lube Civitanova) speaks:

“We are preparing for a challenge that is as important as it is mentally and technically tough. In the phases in which you play with such frequency, you have to keep your head trained and concentrate on the matches, but you are always on the go and there is no time to properly improve the individual technical aspects. We worked a lot on the game during the regular season, especially to train high ball reception and attack. A complicated challenge awaits us against a prepared team. Playoff matches are unpredictable, but I’m sure of one thing, to get the better of it we’ll have to fight for every single ball.”