The Club World Cup is off to a good start for Sir Susa Vim Perugia.
The Block Devils defeat Itambè Minas in three sets and take a huge step towards qualifying for the semi-final. Tomorrow against the Iranians of Ahmedabad Defenders the Bianconeri will have the opportunity to close Pool A in first place.
Good match played by Giannelli and his teammates in an always complicated moment like the debut in an event. The first part was conducted with authority by Perugia, the second and third parts were more competitive with the boys good at finding the winning streak in the hot phases.
The wall is the fundamental winner of Perugia. 12 points for the Block Devils (against 4 for Minas) and a lot of pressure put on their opponents who in fact finished with 44% at the net.
Semeniuk is the only Juventus player in double figures. The Pole finished with 11 winning balls with 2 aces. 9 for Plotnytskyi with 53% in attack, 9 also for the central pair Flavio-Solè with the Argentinian with an Italian passport playing the perfect match with 100% in the first half (5 out of 5) and 4 winning blocks.
To underline the presence in the stands of the president Sirci, who came to India together with some sponsors, and of about thirty supporters cheering on Perugia complete with a banner arriving directly from the Indian branch Sicoma, Juventus sponsor and main sponsor for the event, which takes place right here in Bangalore.
Pool A closes tomorrow for the Block Devils who will face the hosts Ahmedabad Defenders, the reigning champion team of the completely indigenous Indian league with the exception of the Australian spiker, at 8.30 pm local time, 4.00 pm Italian time Senica will be able to count on the support of the local public like yesterday in the match against Minas. Coach Dakshinamoorthy should start the match with Appavu at setter, Ramaswamy at diagonal, Ray and Lakshmipuram at center, Senica and Balwan at position four with Ramamoorthy free.

Partials: 25-18, 26-24, 25-22
SIR SUSA VIM PERUGIA: Giannelli 4, Ben Tara 4, Flavio 9, Solè 9, Plotnytskyi 9, Semeniuk 11, Colaci (free), Held, Ropret, Herrera 2. N.e.: Candellaro, Russo, Toscani (free), Leon. All. Lorenzetti, deputy all. Giaccardi.
ITAMBÈ MINAS: Orlando, Sanchez 10, Isac 4, Renan 6, Lucas Loh 2, Vinicios 17, Maique (libero), Coelho 3, Lucas, Radke, Samuel. N.e.: Wilmot, Geovani, Felipe (free). All. Guilherme, deputy all. Fernando Martins.
Referees: Ivaylo Ivanov – Ismail Alblooshi
PERUGIA: 19 b.s., 2 aces, 36% rec. pos., 17% rec. prf., 55% att., 12 walls. MINAS: 19 b.s., 6 aces, 49% rec. pos., 15% rec. prf., 44% att., 4 walls.