One month before the start of the Super League, which will see Cisterna Volley playing at home against the Italian champions Trento on October 22nd, the Pontine team of president Luigi Iazzetta has undergone joint training with Volley Marcianise, a team that will participate to the next A3 series championship. At the sports hall in via delle Province in Cisterna di Latina, in front of a discreet audience which also saw a delegation from Marcianise, coach Guillermo Falasca was able to test the team, giving space to his athletes still engaged in physical preparation. It was also an opportunity to sign up for season tickets with many fans who took advantage of the opportunity to secure their place: the season ticket campaign continues and to attend the Super League matches in Cisterna, you can go to the ticket office of the building in via of the Provinces on Wednesdays and Fridays from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

At the end of the training session, the match, which was played with points to be confirmed to make it even more training, saw the Pontine team prevail in three sets, also winning the fourth segment of the extra match. An excellent test for Cisterna with a team, that of Marcianise, which was able to be an opponent capable of putting Saitta and his teammates in difficulty on more than a few occasions.

«We did important training, we set up all this to improve the side-out, it helped us a lot for some specific situations, I think the team is also growing in the defensive block – coach Falasca clarifies at the end of the match – we pushed quite well at the service, there is still a lot missing, the boys are still quite energetic in terms of the physical part but we can see good things like the first half and the pipe, let’s continue like this and see the evolution in the next few days. We’re a month away from the championship, I have good feelings, we still have a lot to go and some players are still missing: I can’t wait to be able to see the training with the new players too, this will be able to increase the level and this is very important in my opinion” .

CISTERNA VOLLEY: Finauri, De Santis (lib.), Giani, Sergio Ramon, Saitta, Piccinelli (lib.), Faure, Rossi, Czerwinski, Mazzone, Gabriel, Tosti, Anellucci. All. Falasca.
VOLLEY MARCIANISE: Alfieri, Dalmonte, Vetrano, Di Filippo, Pascucci, Faenza, Gallo, Ballan, Cai, Bizzarro, Cereda, Foraboschi, Leone, Compagnoni. All. Nacci
Parziali: 25-17, 26-24, 25-19 (29-27)