Geetit Bologna’s third season in Serie A3 is upcoming, officially starting entering the market with a first and very important confirmation that comes directly from the bench. The Bolognese company reconfirms the leadership of the couple at the helm also in the previous season: to the head coach Marco Marzola and to his second Andrea Vanini, assisted by the scoutman Matteo Lunati.

So we start again from the same technical staff for the rossoblùs, who for the 2023/2024 season are called to improve their previous position in order to increasingly consolidate their presence in the third national series.
The coach from Romagna, in his third season as a coach and in his second under the two towers, is entrusted with the task of leading a roster currently under construction but which will certainly be competitive and young, with an objective that is already well established at this stage. defined.
After a more than positive past Regular Season, 44 points conquered, a 7th place in the Serie A3 ranking and a historic landing in the playoffs, it is right to ask ourselves what the goals for the new season will be. “Although it is still too early to make any statements” says Marzola, “surely the intentions, mine and those of the club, are to try and reach the Play Offs, thus setting a higher goal than the previous year, when the primary aim was to save . It is certainly an ambitious goal that will have to go hand in hand with the team we manage to build.
Surely my will, and primarily that of the club, is to improve and that’s why I stayed in Bologna”.