Heart and courage are the ingredients that have accompanied the incredible feat of Allianz Powervolley, which detaches the pass for a historic access to the Scudetto Semifinals. A result that first of all tells of a whirlwind of emotions, which are expressed in the words of a visibly moved coach Piazza to the microphones of RAI Sport: “Thanks for the compliments, they are always nice. I think it’s the victory of this team, which at a certain point of the season started to believe in themselves a little more, they got rid of those insecurities that accompanied us for the first part of the championship. Maybe even the fact that we have nothing to lose, because we played against Perugia, helped us a bit. I say that the first set is also the result of a mistake in transition by Agustin Loser, who shoots out in the first half without a block, and another mistake in counterattack by Mergarejo, and they were the two balls to go even and stay close to them . We said it to each other at the beginning of the series, it was important to play point to point with them, we knew they bothered us because they are a very strong team. The smile is there, there is the desire to go home tonight and leave for Civitanova on Wednesday. I think today’s victory is the daughter of the defeat in Game 3, because in Game 3 we were ahead 1-0, we were ahead 21-16 and then 23-19 with the 24 ball, and there we weren’t killers. When we got home we told each other to be careful, because we had scared them a little and they understood that now they really had to play. But those who have played many games know it, it’s not automatic to really play when you’re not always used to it, we happened to do this in Game 4, when we took to the field determined from the first to the last minute and then today we knew we’ll be took the field hard. Yuki has become the reference, not only as a game, but also as an emotion, he is the player who manages together with Matteo to keep the team together, he is doing it as he also does in the Japanese national team. I spoke with Philippe Blain, precisely because of this situation and we both agree that he is a very important player and that he must demonstrate his emotion on the pitch.”