It’s already time to dive back into the A3 CREDEM BANCA national championship after the many emotions experienced last Saturday at the PalaGrassato where we were able to finally taste the scent of home again, where despite the bitter defeat we felt positive sensations, where we felt ready to fight to make the green-and-white den return to an indomitable field.

However, it’s away time now and the first of the season will be in “fat Bologna” where waiting for the lions will be GEETIT Bologna who in the championship opener had to surrender in the fifth set to Gamma Chimico Brugherio.

Coach Marzola should rely on the sextet that won a point in Brianza with Sitti at the dribble and Listanskis on his diagonal, Sacripanti and Baciocco in place four, Gianpietri and Aprile in the center and Brunetti libero. Coach Milo Zanardo (still dealing with the Santi problem in the pits) could entrust the direction keys to Catone with Bulfon as opposite, Mazzon and Mian as forwards, Arienti and Luisetto as central defenders and captain Saibene diverted to the role of libero.

Live streaming on the YOUTUBE channel from 6.00 pm live from the PalaSavena.

A difficult race as rhetorically will be all the challenges that await the Lions between now and the end of the championship, it would certainly be important to find points in the shadow of the towers so as not to lose too much ground with whoever is in front, but we are only at the beginning of a season which promises to be exhilarating and exciting.

In Serie A there are no obvious or easy matches to face, everyone is ready to always give their best and everyone is equipped to do so. Claudio Ranieri often repeated it to his team: “Either you play them or you are played in Serie A. It will be a good idea to learn to play as soon as possible.”

Appointment Sunday 22 October at 6.00 pm