Shortly before the kick-off for Game 2 of the Credem Banca Scudetto Finals, scheduled for 20.30 on Thursday 4 May, the public at the Eurosuole Forum in Civitanova will pay homage to Alexandar Nikolov as man of the match in the previous round of the Play Offs. Cucine Lube Civitanova will therefore receive the Credem Banca MVP of the Semifinals award, having been the one to have scored the most points (87) among the MVPs of the matches that had played the most sets (Civitanova and Milan). There were no less than 21 in Game 5 against Allianz Milano: a decisive haul for the Marches-based club to reach the Finals, for the appointment as MVP of the day and therefore also for Credem Banca MVP of the Semifinals. The number 11 of Lube was therefore able to make the most of the “hybrid” role, where he was exempt from receiving in various rotations and was able to devote himself almost exclusively to attack, even from the second row in place one.