Yesterday, today and always: no to violence against women. This is the message that will accompany Personal Time San Donà throughout the season. On Saturday with Motta for the first time Daniele Moretti’s boys wore the shirt with the patch depicting a red hand with a white bow inside. During the derby a message was passed on the LED wall to raise awareness among the public present on the topic. Furthermore, throughout the match, a pair of red shoes was placed near the San Donatose bench, now a symbol of the fight against this malpractice that reigns not only in Italy but also in the world.

But it doesn’t end here, the next step is the application of the same patch on all the uniforms of the youth sector, this to raise awareness among its members, always keeping attention on any form of violence, physical or verbal, perpetrated against of women. The shirts with the patch will be given to the youth sector by the players and technical staff of the A3 series team.

The Volley Team Club San Donà has made a social commitment, playing sport is not just trying to achieve results on the fields while respecting the rules and opponents, but above all it is communicating with the surrounding world by doing your part.