Sir Safety Susa Perugia returns to work immediately at the PalaBarton.
Returning late from the long and victorious away match in Monza in their debut in the group stage of the Playoff Challenge, the black and white group will already meet again this afternoon in view of the consecutive double home round that will see the Block Devils face off in succession at Pian di Massiano on Saturday Verona and Tuesday Modena.
On yesterday’s success the words of coach Anastasi:
“Now there is volleyball to play and there are games to win. We know we didn’t do well in the last part of the season, now we have to be focused, responsible and careful. Finally yesterday we broke the ice with the victory, we returned to success after a few games, I’m happy for the boys. Now match after match we will try to raise our level of performance”.
The Juventus coach is also looking at the next two matches on the calendar:
“The place in the Challenge will have to be worked out and I had no doubts about it. The victory in Monza already puts us in a good position because four out of five qualify for the semifinals. We now have two tough home games ahead of us. We have to stay focused and see how the boys are doing because we are already playing against Verona on Saturday and then against Modena on Tuesday and we won’t have much time to work or recover.”
Certainly it is not easy to find rhythm and enthusiasm after the eliminations from the Champions League and the Scudetto playoffs.