Semifinal Del Monte® Supercoppa

Itas Trentino – Sir Susa Vim Perugia 1-3 (25-20, 22-25, 23-25, 18-25) – Itas Trentino: Sbertoli 0, Lavia 13, Kozamernik 10, Rychlicki 16, Michieletto 13, Podrascanin 9, Pace (L), Nelli 2, Cavuto 0, Laurenzano (L), Acquarone 0. N.E. D’Heer, Berger, Magalini. All. Soli. Sir Susa Vim Perugia: Giannelli 2, Semeniuk 10, Resende Gualberto 5, Herrera Jaime 0, Leon Venero 9, Solé 8, Toscani (L), Held 0, Ben Tara 23, Colaci (L), Plotnytskyi 15. N.E. Candellaro, Russo, Ropret. All. Lorenzetti. ARBITRI: Zavater, Caretti. NOTE – durata set: 29′, 37′, 37′, 28′; tot: 131′.

Sir Susa Vim Perugia flies to the final of the Del Monte® Supercoppa. The Block Devils, after an uphill start, came from behind to overcome Itas Trentino in four sets and earned the final of the competition scheduled for tomorrow at the Biella Forum at 5.00 pm. As mentioned, the first set was very difficult for Angelo Lorenzetti’s Bianconeri who paid for the initial 9-1 and were unable to come back. Then from the second set, with Ben Tara and Plotnytskyi taking over from the bench, the team picks up the rhythm and synchronism of the game, raises the level of service and reception and allows Giannelli (2 points on the scoresheet for the director from Bolzano) to vary the game and to find different solutions in the sideout phase. Perugia won the second and third set in a sprint, but in the fourth they immediately raised the engine speed and led with authority until the final error on Michieletto’s serve which sent the Block Devils into the final. With Trento at times frightening in the block (13 winners at the end), Perugia finds the winning fundamentals in the reception (58% of the team with an amazing Colaci at 79% positive) and in the service. From the nine meters in particular, the decisive breaks come in the final part of the third set with Plotnytskyi and Leon and in the central phase of the fourth again with the Juventus captain.

Best scorer for the Block Devils was Ben Tara, who found the right rhythm along the way and finished with 23 points (54% in attack). Supporting him was Plotnytskyi, the man of the shock in the second set, with 15 points. Double figures also for Semeniuk at 10 with Leon ultimately writing 4 in the ace scoreboard.

Marko Podrascanin (Itas Trentino): “A great start on our part, as in the last two matches against Taranto and Cisterna. Our approach to the match is always of the highest level, with few errors and lots of defense, then when the opponent grows and raises the pace of the game, we are unable to keep up. We must have more patience and determination in important moments, such as at the end of the third set. If we had won it, perhaps the game would have taken a different turn. This evening in Perugia the changes made the difference, in particular Plotnytskyi.”

Wassim Ben Tara (Sir Susa Vim Perugia): “It was a very important match, the Final of the Del Monte® Supercoppa was up for grabs and we are happy to have reached it. Trento started very well in the first set, taking a large lead, we tried to come back but failed. Then the team had a good reaction from the second set. We got into our rhythm and took the first step into this competition. Tomorrow there will be the second and we will have to give everything in the Final.”

Semifinal – Del Monte® Supercoppa

Martedì 31 ottobre 2023, ore 20.30
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Final – Del Monte® Supercoppa
Sir Susa Vim Perugia – Vincente Semifinale

Mercoledì 1 novembre 2023, ore 17.00
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