He comes from Reggio Emilia and is ready to put on the green-and-white shirt again. Riccardo Mian embellishes HRK’s spiker department for the upcoming season. Someone capable of gathering support in any team you play. For his way of being on the pitch, of being off and for the dedication with which he faces challenges and goals.
Come back. But he does it in a more conscious way and with an increased technical background: “I owe a lot to Reggio Emilia. The club has made me grow and mature a lot, both from a technical point of view and from a personal point of view. So, ultimately, I think I can put myself on the line in Motta as a more experienced player.”

Precisely with Reggio Emilia you have very often been the needle of the balance in the matches against Motta. Why the choice to return? “I chose Motta because I think it could be the ideal environment to be able to get involved right away. It will be an incredible emotion to see the public again at the palaGrassato after so much. As an athlete, I couldn’t wish for anything better than to see it packed like it used to be.”

You are one of those players capable of going beyond the color of the shirt. Precisely for this reason the fans have continued to support you regardless of the team they belong to: “their unconditional support is a fact that I cannot ignore. At every game, albeit from the opposing stand, they made me feel their warmth and closeness.
I can’t do anything but thank them and say that we will be able to hug each other again in August”.

After two seasons in A2 you will return to Serie A3, which league do you expect?

“It’s hard to say because the opposing teams are still not very well known. In any case, I expect a stimulating season, where continuity and consistency will be the key.”