Cisterna Volley – Valsa Group Modena 1-3 (11-25, 25-22, 20-25, 16-25) – Cisterna Volley: Baranowicz 0, Ramon 13, Mazzone 8, Faure 17, Peric 2, Nedeljkovic 6, De Santis (L), Piccinelli (L), Bayram 8. N.E. Finauri, Giani, Rossi, Czerwinski. All. Falasca. Valsa Group Modena: Mossa De Rezende 3, Juantorena 14, Sanguinetti 14, Sapozhkov 13, Davyskiba 22, Brehme 6, Boninfante 0, Stankovic 0, Gollini (L), Rinaldi 0. N.E. Pinali, Sighinolfi. All. Petrella. ARBITRI: Cappello, Boris. NOTE – durata set: 21′, 31′, 25′; 24′ tot: 101′.

Cisterna Volley is unable to provide continuity after the success against Taranto and loses, at home, to Valsa Group Modena (1-3) at the end of a match in which the visiting team had a notable impact on the match with the serve: this it shifted the balance in favor of Modena who won the first set (11-25) even if Cisterna had the ability to immediately reopen the match by recovering in the second set (25-22). The third was decisive and saw Modena as the protagonist from the middle onwards (9-16), a response that tore the game in two and allowed them to win 20-25 before returning to be the protagonists again in the fourth set (16-25) . Cisterna tried to react but Modena’s continuity of service (13 aces against Cisterna’s three) and Davyskiba (22 points, 61%) on a great day prevented the Pontini from raising their heads again.

MVP: Vlad Davyskiba (Valsa Group Modena)

Guillermo Falasca (Cisterna Volley Coach): “The match was unbalanced right from the start thanks to the level of service from our opponents who had an impressive streak and credit for all this should be given to them. In the moments in which we managed to get some reception we also played and managed to take home a set but they hit so hard that it is complicated to make an analysis.”
Bruno Mossa de Rezende (Valsa Group Modena): “It was important to win tonight to make up for it immediately after last Sunday’s defeat. We were good at being focused right from the start and aggressive in serving, even after losing the second set we managed to come back and play well again. Having beaten well allowed us to detach Baranowicz from the net and make our blocking and defense work easier.”

7th Round First Half – Regular Season SuperLega Credem Banca

Domenica 26 novembre 2023, ore 18.00
Itas Trentino – Farmitalia Catania

Arbitri: Verrascina Antonella, Vagni Ilaria (Sessolo Maurina)
Video Check: Miggiano Simone
Segnapunti: Sieder Cinthia
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 26 novembre 2023, ore 18.00
Rana Verona – Sir Susa Vim Perugia

Arbitri: Curto Giuseppe, Cerra Alessandro (Simbari Armando)
Video Check: Mischi Francesco
Segnapunti: Dalle Vedove Carla
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 26 novembre 2023, ore 18.00
Cucine Lube Civitanova – Gioiella Prisma Taranto

Arbitri: Piana Rossella, Saltalippi Luca (Turtù Marco)
Video Check: Petterini Giulia
Segnapunti: Santinelli Cristina
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 26 novembre 2023, ore 20.00
Allianz Milano – Pallavolo Padova

Arbitri: Goitre Mauro, Brunelli Michele (Marotta Michele, Kronaj David)
Video Check: Villa Riccardo
Segnapunti: Zuccotti Elisabetta
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 26 novembre 2023, ore 20.30
Mint Vero Volley Monza – Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza

Arbitri: Brancati Rocco, Cesare Stefano (Carcione Vincenzo)
Video Check: Di Gaetano Tecla Veronica
Segnapunti: Monti Laura
Diretta RAI Sport
Telecronaca di Maurizio Colantoni e Andrea Lucchetta
Diretta di VBTV

Standings SuperLega Credem Banca
Sir Susa Vim Perugia 18, Itas Trentino 16, Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 13, Mint Vero Volley Monza 12, Cucine Lube Civitanova 11, Valsa Group Modena 10, Pallavolo Padova 7, Cisterna Volley 7, Rana Verona 7, Allianz Milano 7, Farmitalia Catania 3, Gioiella Prisma Taranto 3.

1 incontro in più: Sir Susa Vim Perugia, Valsa Group Modena, Pallavolo Padova, Cisterna Volley.