Quantware Napoli wins the Campania derby against Tim Montaggi Marcianise and wins the first away match of the season, the Neapolitan team returns to victory after days of tension following the home defeat in the other Campania derby against Shedirpharma Sorrento, victory in the tie break  3-2 ( 25-20;20-25;23-25;25-20;15-10), not a great match but hard-fought as per tradition in derbies especially when safety points are up for grabs.

Mr. Calabrese’s team immediately started strong, concentrated on all the fundamentals, immediately took advantage and quite easily won the first set. In the second the reaction of the home team, which grows on serve and puts the Neapolitans on the ropes, making the partial their own. In the third set, it’s a point to point until 19 all, when a break in serve by Starace brings Napoli to 22-19, but Mister Nacci’s team gets back on top with the serve which puts the boys’ game development in difficulty orchestrated by Leone, the third set was won by Marcianise with the advantages.

It seems, as happens in many matches, that having lost a set that has essentially already been won, that the match could swing to Marcianise’s side, but no, not in this derby with a thousand faces, QuantWare Napoli rises again and starts playing again and puts the his opponents first in the fourth and then in the tie break, demonstrating that in this Blue group of the A3 Credem series it is the motivation that makes the difference. With this victory, Naples takes itself to 16 points and gives itself a peaceful end-of-year weekend in view of the next round which will pit it against Fano, second in the standings.