The feeling between M&G Volleyball School and another veteran of Massimiliano Ortenzi’s roster is renewed. Sixth consecutive season in the PalaGrotta setting, eleventh in Serie A2 as well as sixteenth overall in Serie A, also counting the two-year period in Superlega between Molfetta and Latina (2014-16) and the most recent three-year period in A3 (2019-22). With the confirmation of Roberto Romiti for next season, Videx Yuasa effectively closes off the second-line department by counting two gentlemen interpreting the role: “Being here to talk about this umpteenth chapter of my career is certainly a very positive aspect – he declared Roberto Romiti -. I still want to play so it’s perfectly fine to start over and it’s even better to be able to do it here in Grottazzolina.”

It is 28 September 2008, the 1st day of the A2 series championship, and the then La Nef Castelfidardo, newly promoted to its historic first appearance in the second national competition, faces the M. Roma Volleyball of an almost twenty-year-old Ivan within the friendly walls Zaytsev. In the 6+1 Marches, led by coach Gianluca Graziosi, a twenty-five year old makes his debut wearing the number 8 shirt who will close the match with a 79% positive and a 64% perfect against 39 receptions overall over the 4 sets played (the match will end 3-1 in favor of the guests). Since that day Roberto Romiti has never left the Serie A stage, hitting the first trophy of his career with another Capitoline team, Ceramica Scarabeo Gcf Roma, winner of the Coppa Italia Serie A2 2017/18. The last sports season away from the Marche, in which he returned with the Grottazzolina jacket, hitting the Promotion and Supercoppa category in the triumphal A3 championship 2021/22.

“This year there is the feeling that the club intends to raise the bar in terms of league goals and being part of a group that wants to do better than last season is certainly a source of pride – added Romiti -. There will certainly be more competition, the more the level rises and the more the quality of the players grows in each position, but my goal remains to work to be a protagonist in the best possible way and to be ready whenever I’m needed.”

15 seasons, 453 games, 260 wins. To be continued..