Sport is a great social vehicle that can benefit the less fortunate. In the month of August, thanks to the contacts of our team manager Federico Mignano with Sister Claire who is in Cameroon in Marua, the Volley Team Club San Donà helped the kindergarten where Sister Claire works. In the same structure where the kindergarten is located, attempts are made to remove difficult and potential rebellious children from the streets. Clothing no longer in use was sent to Cameroon: “Speaking with Federico – comments the president Fabio Zuliani – he mentioned this initiative to me and the fact that every year he sends material to Sister Claire, as VTC we have decided to support this project shipping clothing products. As a club we have tried to be able to give our support based on the possibilities of the moment, because our club is a club focused not only exclusively on sporting activity, results and the pitch. We have a duty to pay great attention to those collateral works that can help those most in need. Our task is to be a social antenna that is always attentive to needs off the field. We must be an example for our children by teaching them to help others in all possible circumstances.”