There is the coach, Gian Luca Colussi. As well as the deputy, Matteo De Cecco. And, recently, the confirmation of the physiotherapist has arrived: Luca Gallina. But the staff of a great team cannot do without another central figure: an athletic trainer of depth, with professionalism, a wide range of knowledge and also the ability to empathize with the group.

Is the profile too pretentious? No, because Belluno Volley found an identikit of this type some time ago: it is that of Sergio Sartori. Who will continue to take care of the physical and athletic part of the Belluno collective. And to guarantee the necessary fuel for the rhinos.

Sartori is the owner of the “Cheetah da Salotto” professional studio, which is about to become a Sports Medicine Center. In addition, as anticipated, a harmony with the athletes has always emerged that is anything but obvious for those who hold a role of this type. The umpteenth proof came in last year’s public presentation: Sartori, in fact, was welcomed by a real roar of enthusiasm from the players, lined up on the stage. Confirming that the seriousness of work in the gym can, indeed, must be intertwined with a solid and sincere human relationship.

In this sense, Sartori represents a guarantee. And, not surprisingly, he is confirmed in the staff, also in view of the 2023-2024 season: the third, in A3, for the club chaired by Sandro Da Rold.Sartori still