The second round for Emma Villas Aubay Siena opened with three defeats and, most importantly, with three consecutive victories. The last great challenge on the PalaEstra field saw the Sienese team win in the tie break against Padua and therefore clearly reopen the battle for salvation. In the meantime, the defeat at the tie break in Taranto in the match against Piacenza has given the blue and whites, for the first time in the season, the penultimate position in the standings and the hope that the fate to which they have been nailed for so many weeks has never been too definitive . The arrival of the Polish Zbigniew Bartman in the race, in the absence of the injured Giulio Pinali, has given President Bisogno’s team a player capable of being able to contribute in a fundamental way in the team’s critical moments. Eighteen points scored by the new opposite who joins the Argentine Pereyra to complete the diagonal.

Coach Omar Pelillo, host of the After Hours show with Andrea Zorzi and Andrea Brogioni, underlined at the end of Sunday’s match: “I really care about this group, I want to fight with them. We trust one hundred percent on both sides and we are trying to carry on a very difficult undertaking in which we nevertheless believe a lot”.

When asked “what has changed” at the time of the bench change, Pelillo underlines how “First of all I’m not talking about myself, I’m talking on behalf of a staff. We are few people but we work together every day. Simone Cruciani and Gianluca Carloncelli are constantly with me in this endeavor and speaking in the singular would be disrespectful towards them. Over time, commitment, day-to-day work, concentration and confidence in our abilities have increased. Even when we have faced defeats in a certain way that were anticipated when they arrived they hurt us. The important thing is not to get knocked down. And now we can say that we are still fighting. We have always believed in it even when the standings were difficult to look at. And we know that miracle can only be achieved with hard work. If Siena plays well, they become a competitive team capable of surprising and scoring points.”