From formidable adversary to precious ally the step is short. To be precise, we are talking about a “long” step of just over a month. In fact, it was April 15th when, on the eve of Game One of the final promotion, the opponents of Vigilar Fano announced the signing of the strong and experienced middle blocker Stefano Patriarca. Despite a very short time to acclimatize with Vigilar, Patriarca showed off two high-level performances (14 and 8 points) against the Fearless who still managed to beat the Marches twice, regaining Serie A2 after only one season of purgatory.

But that’s past history. What matters is the immediate future and in the immediate future of the Sieco license plate 2023/2024 there is precisely the central player from Molise Stefano Patriarca.

Patriarca is a centre-back born in 1987 and 205 centimeters tall, with a huge experience behind him which sees him launching into high-level volleyball from a very young age right in his native Agnone, where, just fifteen years ago, he made his debut in Serie A2. Here Patriarca’s talent does not go unnoticed and his name ends up in the notebooks of those of Lube Banca Marche Macerata who, after bringing him into their ranks, will employ him both in the thriving youth sector and in the Superlega.