After four victories came an anomalous draw in the preseason of the Cucine Lube Civitanova, the 2-2 which resulted yesterday, Friday 29 September, on the Eurosuole Forum pitch in joint training with the Consar Ravenna. The home team responded to the Romagna team’s temporary two-set lead with a great team reaction, maintaining their unbeaten record in the test matches staged so far. The second coach Romano Giannini and the libero Francesco Bisotto, protagonist of great interventions, comment on the red and white performance in the last match.

Romano Giannini (second coach): “For the first time we suffered in joint training. On the other side of the net there was an important team that had shown up in Civitanova to train, but with a great desire to win. Fortunately and deservedly we reacted by making up for the initial deficit of two sets and then scoring a ‘draw’, as they say in these training sessions. Gradually the boys achieved a good technical level, filling the gaps in the first hour of play. We have also grown as a personality, after all, technique and attitude go hand in hand. When you don’t get excited and have fun it’s more difficult to get excited technically. Coaches always hope that these aspects go hand in hand. At the beginning today we were struggling a bit with everything, then the quality of the boys and their desire to prevail allowed us to get the situation back on track.”

Francesco Bisotto: “Maybe it wasn’t our best outing, but it must be said that we found a team of the highest level for the category in which it plays. Looking at the positive aspects, after a less than exceptional start the comparison ended with the crescendo of Lube. We managed to recover as demonstrated by the victory of the last two sets. The point of Babar’s possible 24-24 in the second set? Since this is joint training without the possibility of Video Check, it is normal that dubious situations can give rise to strong emotional involvement, but the important thing is to have played to learn from mistakes. Both physically and technically we always try to improve and compared to some time ago the harmony is also in a progressive phase. It will be up to us to arrive at the latest at the start of the SuperLega Credem Banca, in three weeks.”