The Sir Sicoma Perugia has already landed in Bangalore, India. The team coached by Angelo Lorenzetti will play the World Club Championship, scheduled from tomorrow, Wednesday 6 December, to Sunday 10; Sir Sicoma’s first match is scheduled for Thursday 7th, with first serve at 4pm Italian time, and on the other side of the net there will be Itambè Minas. All Club World Cup matches can be seen on VBTV.

In the morning, the Block Devils tested the playing facility for the Club World Cup starting tomorrow, carrying out technical training at the “Koramangala Indoor Stadium Park”. In the afternoon, the press conference to present the event took place in front of the Indian media and with the presence of the captains of the teams present at the event, including the Juventus captain Wilfredo Leon. Following this, the team then carried out a work session in the weight room made available by the organization directly in the hotel hosting the delegations.

Tomorrow the curtain will therefore rise on the World Cup with the first two matches between Halkbank Ankara and Suntory Susbirds for Pool B and followed by Itambè Minas and Ahmedabad Defenders for Pool A, the one in Perugia.

The calendar – World Club Championship 2023

Wednesday 6 December 2023

12.30pm, HalkBank Ankara – Suntory Sunbirds (Pool B)
4.00 pm, Ahmedabad Defenders – Itambè Minas (Pool A)

Thursday 7 December 2023

12.30pm, Sada Cruzeiro – Suntory Sunbirds (Pool B)
4.00 pm, Sir Sicoma Perugia – Itambè Minas (Pool A)

Friday 8 December 2023

12.30 pm, HalkBank Ankara – Sada Cruzeiro (Pool B)
4.00 pm, Ahmedabad Defenders – Sir Sicoma Perugia (Pool A)

Saturday 9 December 2023

12.30pm, First Semifinal
4.00 pm, Second Semifinal

Sunday 10 December 2023

12.30pm, 3rd/4th place final
4.00 pm, 1st/2nd place final