Another reconfirmation for Conad, this time coming from the second line: Ernesto Torchia will still be the libero of Volley Tricolore.

Torchia, born in Lamezia in 1998, is in his third year in Reggio Emilia; the libero was part of the roster in 2018/2019, to then make his great comeback last season and celebrate his third birthday today in the giallorossi: “The club’s interest in me convinced me to stay, but also that of the coach. My decision was also dictated by the conclusion of last season, which wasn’t the best; I would therefore like to start again with an even greater spirit of sacrifice and malice, to take away some greater satisfaction from us”.

Fighting spirit and revenge pervades the squad that the sporting director from Reggio is building together with coach Fanuli, however the opponents should not be underestimated; in fact all the A2 teams are gearing up with a view to a top championship: “The other teams are setting up, as it should be, competitive rosters, but I’m sure that we too will be able to have our say if we commit ourselves to the end.” from the first training”.

Torchia reveals himself enthusiastic about being coached by Fanuli, a former libero, because he will be able to continue learning the “tricks of the trade”: “Obviously I’m happy to be coached by Fabio, we started a course last year and for me it’s I was of great help, I received a lot of advice from him both technically and mentally. I’m sure there’s still a lot to learn from him and I can’t wait to start the season.”