The winning teams of the White and Blue Groups will be back on the field on Saturday 22nd April, at 8.30pm, for the second match of the Promotional play-off in Abruzzo. The first match, played last Sunday in the Marche region, saw Sieco Service Ortona prevail in the tie break against the hosts Vigilar Fano. The training that fell within the walls of friends had closed the regular season boasting of the leadership in the Girone Bianco and, accounts in hand, climbing the podium as the absolute best in the category, acquiring the privilege of playing in their own arena, the PalaAllende, Race 1 and the eventual Race 3 (25 April) of the play-off for the jump in A2. Strengthened by the overturned prediction, with a marathon that saw the two rivals alternate in scoring, the Ortonese association has the golden opportunity to settle the accounts in front of its own public. The team from Fano has the numbers to reopen the series and bring it to the end, but if it fails, it would come back into the game later for a second chance to capitalize on, namely entry into the Semifinals Play Off A3 Credem Banca.

Race 2 Serie A3 promotion play-off Credem Banca

Saturday 22 April 2023, 8.30pm
Sieco Service Ortona – Vigilar Fano
Referees: Vecchione Rosario, Grassia Luca
Video Check: Citro Giuseppe
Scorekeeper: Tucci Alessandro
Live YouTube Legavolley