The battery of opposites of Sir Safety Susa Perugia is completed. The Juventus club communicates the purchase of Wassim Ben Tara who completes the 2-seater department available to coach Lorenzetti with the confirmed Herrera.
Born on August 3, 1996 in Tunis, 204 cm tall, Ben Tara began his professional career very young in France in 2014 in Lyon. In 2016 the move to Chamount where he remained for three seasons winning a Ligue A and a French Super Cup and also a Challenge Cup. In the 2019-2020 season he was the protagonist with the Ajaccio shirt then, from 2020, the landing in the Polish Plusliga at the Stal Nysa where Wassim plays for three seasons by exploding all his technical and physical potential in attack and service.
From next season the start of a new adventure, this time in the Bel Paese, with the Block Devils shirt.
“I am very excited and happy to be a Perugia player for next season,” says the Tunisian international. “I can’t wait to get to the city and start working to achieve all the club’s goals and to play in front of the fantastic Perugia fans.”
Back from a formidable last year in Poland, Ben Tara is curious to compete in the Italian championship.
“It’s true, I come from a great season in Poland and in general I’ve improved a lot in the last three years in the Plusliga. Now it’s time for me to have a new experience in Italy, I’m very curious to start working and get to know the Italian Super League, one of the best leagues in the world if not the best. My new mates? Of course I know them, though not personally. We will have the opportunity to get to know each other well in Perugia to achieve our goals together”.