Play Off 5° Place Credem Banca:
Cucine Lube Civitanova – Valsa Group Modena 3-1 (25-20, 25-19, 10-25, 25-22)

Cucine Lube Civitanova: Bottolo 8, Anzani 8, Lagumdzija 16, Nikolov 14, Chinenyeze 8, De Cecco 1, Thelle 0, Motzo 1, Bisotto (L), Balaso (L), Zaytsev 1, Diamantini 0, Yant Herrera 1. N.E. All. Blengini. Valsa Group Modena: Sanguinetti 9, Mossa De Rezende 4, Davyskiba 21, Brehme 3, Sapozhkov 8, Rinaldi 10, Gollini (L), Boninfante 0, Stankovic 6, Pinali G. 1, Federici (L), Sighinolfi 0. N.E. Juantorena, Pinali R.. All. Giuliani. ARBITRI: Turtù, Brunelli. NOTE – durata set: 24′, 25′, 18′, 26′; tot: 93′.

MVP: Adis Lagumdzija (Cucine Lube Civitanova.
Spettatori: 1.453.

Cucine Lube Civitanova’s adventure in the 5th Place Play Offs opens with a victory in four sets (25-20, 25-19, 10-25, 25-22) against Valsa Group Modena at the Eurosuole Forum. A result that immediately gives three important points for morale and classics in the six-team one-way group. The Cucineri show that they want to face the journey with seriousness and commitment by overcoming a historic rival with just one missed pass in a complicated third set. The reaction in the fourth act was punctual despite Modena’s determination.

Cucinieri on the pitch with De Cecco as setter and Lagumdzija as opposite, Anzani and Chinenyeze in the centre, Nikolov and Bottolo in the forward line, the liberos Balaso and Bisotto alternating. Not even the unavailable Larizza on the scoresheet. Guests lined up with Bruno as dribbler and Sapozhkov as offensive terminal, Brehme and Sanguinetti in the centre, Davyskiba and Rinaldi in place 4, Federici libero.

Awarded MVP Lagumdzija (16 points with 2 aces and 2 blocks). Nikolov also reached double figures (14 with a block). Civitanova brilliant at blocking (11 winners of which 4 from Anzani) and in defence. Guests performing better on serve (9 aces to 3 with 4 personals from Sanguinetti) and dangerous with the attacks of top scorer Davyskiba (21 with 2 aces). Rinaldi also scored in double figures (10). Only the former red and white captain Juantorena on the bench.

In the first set (25-20) Lube attacks better (46% against 41%) and wins the block duel (3-1) with three blocks from Anzani (5 points) and good ideas from Nikolov. In the second set (25-19) Civitanova grows in attack (53%), with Nikolov (7 points) and Lagumdzija (6) protagonists, and works well both in reception and in blocking defense (3 blocks to zero). In the third act (10-25) the Emilians return with a knife between their teeth (1-9), attack with 52%, finding the reference man in the usual Davyskiba (6 points) and dominating on serve (5 aces, 3 of Sanguinetti alone). Blengini unleashes Yant and Zaytsev, but Giuliani’s team is in full control. Thelle’s entry helps De Cecco regain his nerve. In the fourth set (25-22) Civitanova resumes playing with clarity and brings back the intensity necessary to tame the guests.

Standings Girone Play Off 5° Posto Credem Banca
Rana Verona 3, Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 3, Cucine Lube Civitanova 3, Valsa Group Modena 0, Cisterna Volley 0, Pallavolo Padova 0.

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