Closing the circle… how many times have we heard this phrase. In everyday life, at work, especially in sport. Today this phrase fits us really well because a very big circle is closed.
Sport can provide emotions that go beyond the pitch, beyond the cheering, beyond the flags. Emotions that do not last long, but which, if one is good at preserving them carefully, last a lifetime. The season that ended very recently made us emotional many times. He saw us win, something that can never be taken for granted. He saw us win four times and that is something extraordinary. He saw us all partying together and this is why we work and train every single day.
But today, along with all this whirlwind of sensations that make the heart beat fast, there is one more emotion, a very strong one. Because Sunday 28 April 2024, the day of our second championship, is also the date of the last Wilfredo Leon on the pitch wearing our shirt.
A story that began on Saturday 6 October 2018 with Leo’s first official race (from now on he will only be called that) in Perugia. A story that, as always happens in life, experienced joys and sorrows, beautiful moments and less so, days to remember and others that perhaps one would like to forget. But always at my best, always with my heart thrown on the pitch.
Leo leaves his Perugia with 1 Scudetto, 3 Italian Cups, 4 Italian Super Cups and 2 Club World Cups spread over six seasons with the “hangover” of this last year. He leaves tons of aces and winning attacks, above all he leaves his unmistakable smile, the one that is worth more than every single point.
“Six years here in Perugia are a long time of life”, greets Leo. “I take many things with me from Perugia. I take away the moments of glory experienced from the first to the last year because every season we won at least one trophy and this is indisputable. I take away the motivation that the people here gave me especially in difficult times and I dedicate the championship to all those who helped me. And then I’m taking away this year’s team, a happy team but at the same time with the desire to improve. Sometimes when you win there is a tendency to lower the tension, but this team is hungry to continue on the road. I won’t be part of it, but my hope is that Perugia continues to win. I leave happy to have finished with the scudetto, a dream come true and with a wonderful flavour, and with a golden season which I believe will remain in the minds of many not only in Perugia because I don’t think it is that easy to win four trophies in one year . Finally, I want to thank the fans and say something about PalaBarton because our stadium when it has only one voice is impressive, it gives you goosebumps. I experienced it from the inside as part of the team and I can assure you that he brings incredible energy.”
This is the last Leo of Perugia. You are right about everything Leo, about the team, about the fans, about PalaBarton and about the incredible season we have just experienced. Life goes on, but no one will ever be able to take away from us what we have experienced together. We wish you the best with everything.