In both the Scudetto Final and the 3rd Place Final, nothing is taken for granted. Just like the fight for the Italian flag, the best-of-five marathon with the pass to the 2025 Champions League at stake is also proceeding under the sign of uncertainty with the two competing teams currently tied at 1-1. After Itas Trentino’s home success in the tie-break in the 126 minutes of Game 1, Allianz Milano’s redemption in Lombardy arrived on Saturday. Again in the fifth set, but this time the match lasted 137 minutes. Data that foreshadows a third long and hard-fought confrontation like the previous ones. All clues that fuel the feeling of having to deal with the most balanced tournament in recent years.

The Dolomites and the Ambrosians take to the field on Wednesday 24 April, at 8.30pm, for Game 3 at the ilT Quotidiano Arena. Both teams look for the overtaking victory. In the second round, Fabio Soli’s yellow-blues failed to reap the benefits of 14 winning blocks to 9 and the more precise attack, in a match characterized by 23 points each from Alessandro Michieletto and Kamil Rychlicki. Also in double figures were Giulio Magalini (16) and Jan Kozamernik (10). What gave the Brianza team the boost was the serve (9 to 5 aces). Paolo Porro sent Yuki Ishikawa (21 points), Ferre Reggers (19), Osniel Mergarejo (13) and Agustin Loser (10) to double figures. Game 3 is not yet a title match, but the two teams will have their chances at various moments of the match. Immediately before the match, with the teams lined up, spiker Alessandro Michieletto will receive the Credem Banca MVP award of the Semifinals, having been the best on the pitch twice in the previous round of the Play Offs against Mint Vero Volley Monza.

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Finals 3rd Place Credem Banca

Game 3
Wednesday 24 April 2024, 8.30 pm
Itas Trentino – Allianz Milan
Referees: Vagni Ilaria, Brancati Rocco (Jacobacci Sergio)
Video Check: Crivellaro Mirco
Scorekeeper: Tomasi Andrea

Game 4
Saturday 27 April 2024, 8.30 pm
Allianz Milan – Itas Trentino

Game 5 (possible)
Tuesday 30 April 2024, 8.30 pm
Itas Trentino – Allianz Milan