The fifth and decisive match of the 2024 SuperLega Credem Banca Scudetto Play Off Semifinal series between Itas Trentino and Mint Vero Volley Monza will be played on Sunday 14 April starting from 6pm at the ilT daily Arena in Trento. Three days after game 4 in Brianza, which brought the match back to a draw, we return to the pitch at the stadium in via Fersina for the match which will give the winner access to the Final. Live RAI Sport, Radio Dolomiti and live streaming on the OTT VBTV platform.
HERE ITAS TRENTINO The Gialloblù are faced with yet another appointment in or out of their season: to continue the race that leads to the Scudetto they need a victory, which would allow them to reach the tenth Play Off Final in the club’s history. Playing the play-off in front of their own fans will offer a small but important advantage, which Fabio Soli’s team will try to exploit to get the winning point.
“Everything that happened in the first four matches of the series was predictable – explained the Itas Trentino coach when presenting the match -. We weren’t elated after the lead we gained after the first two games, just as now that we are 2-2 in the series we don’t despair. Our thoughts are solely on Game 5, on facing it with serenity and determination in front of our fans. We are aware of our means and that we have what is necessary to be able to play our chances until the last point. It will certainly be a match full of emotions for what is at stake, our task will be to choose the things useful for us well, in order to offer the best possible performance.”
For game 5 the yellow-blue coach will be able to count on the entire squad of fifteen players; Sbertoli will also be included on the scoresheet again, as happened on Thursday in Monza. On this occasion, Trentino Volley will play the 154th match in the Scudetto Play Offs in its history for the men’s sector; balance sheet: 91 victories and 62 defeats.
NINETEENTH PLAY-OFF MATCH IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY-OFFS In the span of its twenty previous participations in the Scudetto Play-Offs, Trentino Volley has already played eighteen play-off matches, similar to the one that awaits it on Sunday, winning twelve of them (the last on 17 May 2023 at home against Civitanova for game 5 of the Final).