A hymn closely linked to the world of sport could be paraphrased: “You’ll never walk alone”. “You’ll never Walk Alone”. Words that are also and above all valid for Belluno Volleyball. The rhinos, in fact, have landed in Calabria: about a thousand kilometers, as the crow flies, from the Dolomites. But in Palmi, where tomorrow (Sunday 21 April, 6 pm) they will face OmiFer for game 2 of the playoff quarter-finals, they will not be alone: ​​even from a distance, they will have the support of a people who have decided to meet at the Giovanni XXIII Center , where the fourth act of the post season will be projected on the big screen. And second of a series that offers a ticket to the semi-final: in the event of a Calabrian victory, we would go to game 3 (Wednesday 24th, at the Spes Arena), while a success for Bisi and his teammates would close the matter.

GRATITUDE – Coach Gian Luca Colussi is deeply grateful to the blue and white fans: «The big screen? It’s something fantastic. I don’t think that a similar initiative is promoted in many areas of Italy. Indeed, perhaps not even in the Super League for the championship final. We feel that all of Belluno is at our side, they have a great desire to experience high-level volleyball. And this extra energy, which comes from our supporters, is very important.”

ENVIRONMENT – After winning game 1, in the space of four partials, Belluno Volley intends to play its cards also at the “Mimmo Surace” sports hall: «At the appointment, the group shows up excited, motivated, eager to play for it. And it couldn’t be otherwise, after a series of positive results.” Colussi is sure: «To close the series, we will need an excellent match. We have seen and analyzed Palmi: they are an excellent team, within friendly walls they will certainly play better and will be more effective when serving. Without considering the push of a “hot” arena. However, as I also stated last week, the public can help, but the athletes decide the fate of the match. This is why the environmental aspect doesn’t scare me that much.”

CERTAINTIES – From the first round, the technical staff and the players have drawn some indications that they will then want to put into practice in the Calabrian trip: «In game 1 there were some question marks regarding the prospect of facing new opponents studied on video. In any case, we then experienced what we saw with the filter of a screen. And in any case, beyond OmiFer, we can rely on certainties that are now consolidated and deep-rooted.”