The Gialloblù technical staff is increasingly expanding and aims to include quality and perspective elements in its staff. This is the case of Cristian Failoni, a twenty-six year old from Trentino who will act as Third Coach of the Serie A2 Tinet as well as coach for the prospects of the Academy Volley Prata and the VP College.

His playing career began in Brenta Volley, a club from Tione di Trento, where he took to the pitch as a setter for around 10 years and went on to play up to Serie C, reaching the promotion finals.
In 2017 he started coaching in the youth teams of the same club, until June 2021 when the call came from Francesco Gagliardi who proposed him to be Assistant Coach in Serie B in the Lagaris club. In the 2021/22 season he assisted Francesco Conci, winner of several youth championships on the Trentino Volley bench, in the Trentino regional selection. Finally, in the last two seasons he was Technical Director of the men’s sector of Lagaris Volley.

How do you experience your arrival in Prata and what are your expectations?

“I live it with a lot of enthusiasm and I can’t wait to start working. I am sure I will join an ambitious company made up of high-level professionals.”

Who are the people you consider fundamental in your volleyball journey so far?

“I certainly owe a lot to Francesco Gagliardi from the point of view of technical knowledge.
Instead, I will never stop thanking Lorenzo Montermini, one of the pillars of Lagaris Volley, for always believing in me over the years, trusting me even in the darkest moments.”

What is your training style and philosophy?

“I believe it is essential to be able to create a solid group and the rest comes by itself. It’s not easy and that’s why everyone needs to make their own contribution. Training philosophy? Dedication and perseverance.”

What is Cristian like outside the gym?

“One of my hobbies is Latin American dancing. Let’s say that I remain faithful to my origins. (Cristian’s mother is of Dominican origins, ed.)”

Do you want to greet your new fans?

“I’m waiting for you in large numbers to cheer!  See you at the gym!”