In the middle of the final series.
This is the state of the art at Sir Susa Vim Perugia after the defeat in the tie break last night in Monza in game 2 of the championship final.
Situation in perfect parity after the first two games and a thrilling game 3 arriving on Thursday afternoon which evidently becomes the nerve center of this final.
The team, which returned late yesterday to Perugia, will resume work tomorrow morning at PalaBarton with a double session. Lorenzetti and the boys will carefully analyze what happened yesterday in Monza from a technical and tactical point of view to focus the activity on the issues that revealed difficulties with the awareness that in the playoffs, and even more so in the final series, it is essential to always look forward to the next match to play whether it comes from a victory or a defeat.
This is the meaning that can also be seen in the analyzes of game 2 by coach Lorenzetti and president Sirci.
“It wasn’t the match we wanted to play both from a technical and approach point of view, but it happened,” says the Juventus coach. “We struggled in many fundamentals, primarily in the high ball attack and in batting. Then we slipped for a moment on reception and this made the whole game worse. Game 3? All matches in a series are very important. Before canceling game 2 we must all talk about it together and then we will think about game 3.”
“Monza certainly won with merit and revealed what we have already known for a while, that is, that it is a strong team that has grown a lot in recent weeks,” explains the president. “Having eliminated Trento from the playoffs says a lot about the danger of our opponent who we fear a lot. Yesterday, as they say, we took them, we have to recover, start believing in ourselves again and go back to being the team we were before. The playoffs are a different championship compared to the regular season, what matters is winning this championship so let’s keep our heads down and move forward.”