The National Association of Athletes Assist, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna and with the patronage of the National Italian Press Federation and Amnesty International Italy, is pleased to announce on February 24th an event of international importance dedicated to women’s sport, which will be held in suggestive Farnese Chapel of Palazzo D’Accursio in Bologna. The afternoon’s proceedings will be opened by Massimo Righi, President and CEO of the Serie A Volleyball League.

During the entire day, various aspects related to women’s sport will be addressed, from issues related to rights and representation, to the analysis of the role of the media in the narrative of champions and women’s sport. These topics will be addressed through three high-level panels. The first panel will open with a discussion on the rights of sport as a social value, the second panel of the morning will address the issue of fair coaching and harassment in sport. Followed by the panel dedicated to the role of journalism in countering stereotypes and prejudices.

The event is included among the Training Seminars of the Order of Journalists of Emilia-Romagna and will award ethical training credits. For journalists, registration is possible through the professional training portal. For those who are not journalists, it is possible to become accredited for free by registering at this link:

The complete program of the event: