Crossoroad Scudetto in the SuperLega Credem Banca Play Offs with Game 5 of the Semifinals scheduled for Sunday 14 April (6.00 pm) at the ilT daily Arena between Itas Trentino and Mint Vero Volley Monza. Sir Susa Vim Perugia has already reached the final stage of winning the tricolor thanks to the four-set success achieved on Thursday at the PalaBarton against Allianz Milano in Game 4 of the Semifinals. On the opposite side of the scoreboard, Fabio Soli’s Dolomite team stumbled, missing the pass to the Final in the last two games against Massimo Eccheli’s Brianza team, who after Stephen Maar’s return impacted a series that was almost compromised with two consecutive successes in the culmination of spectacular races. Whoever wins the game will win an adrenaline-filled series of best-of-five matches against the world champions Block Devils, with the certainty of participating in the 2025 Champions League together with the Umbrians. The defeated team will play the last pass for the most prestigious continental club tournament against Milan in the final series for 3rd place in the same way, i.e. with the aim of winning three out of five matches. In the fourth act of the matches between Trentino and Monza, Fernando Kreling’s three spikers formation, personality and vision of the game sent five athletes into double figures in four sets, with Stephen Maar top scorer thanks to the 19 points scored , followed by Eric Loeppky (17 points), Ran Takahashi (14), Gabriele Di Martino (11) and Gianluca Galassi (10). The Italian champions reacted with the contribution of wingers Alessandro Michieletto and Daniele Lavia, generous as always and capable of bringing 30 points equally divided, but with their sights less focused than usual. The Lombard team also prevailed in service and defense. On the Italian pitch in Trento the yellow-blues can count on the support of their fans, but given what Monza achieved in Game 5 of the quarter-finals in Civitanova anything is possible. Race no. 100 in his career for Marco Gaggini, 11 winning attacks on the 1000 in Italy for Arthur Szwarc.

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Game 5 Semifinals – Play Off SuperLega Credem Banca

Sunday 14 April 2024, 6.00 pm
Itas Trentino – Mint Vero Volley Monza
Referees: Zavater Marco, Cesare Stefano (Brunelli Michele)
Video Check: Crivellaro Mirco
Scorekeeper: Sieder Cinthia
Live Rai Sport and VBTV

The Scudetto Play Off scoreboard: