Game of capital importance over the weekend at PalaBarbazza. The second act of the A3 Credem Banca Play Off Finals is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 18 May, at 6.30 pm. The hosts Personal Time San Donà di Piave, third at the end of the Regular Season in the White Group, host Smartsystem Fano, second in the Blue Group after the first phase.

Having fallen at the PalaAllende 3-1 in the opening match of the best-of-three series, the Venetian giants have the obligation to capitalize on the field factor and then go all out in the eventual match (Wednesday 22 May) away, but on the opposite front, determined opponents are arriving, eager to follow in the wake of the other Marche teams, namely Grottazzolina, promoted to the SuperLega, and Macerata, who have already risen to Serie A2 by winning the A3 Promotion Playoff. This is the tenth meeting between the two teams (Fano ahead 5-4 in the previous ones). San Donà finds three former rivals as rivals: Pietro Margutti (8 points for 1500 in his career), Nicola Mazzon and Pietro Merlo (11 points for 1000 in his career).

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A3 Credem Banca Play Off scoreboard

Game 2 Final – Play Off A3 Credem Banca

Saturday 18 May 2024, 6.30 pm
Personal Time San Donà di Piave – Smartsystem Fano
Referees: Chiriatti Stefano, Prati Davide
Video Check: Barbieri Gabriele
Scorekeeper: Vigato Elisa
Live YouTube Legavolley