As part of the school project, a representative of Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza this morning participated in a meeting with the students of the G. Gatti middle school in Fiorenzuola d’Arda.

Coordinated by Vittorino Francani, representative of Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza for the school project and by professor Alessia Testa, coordinator of motor sciences as well as by the school director Isabella Spurio, during the meeting the technical manager of the youth sector of the red and white club Renato Barbon, the libero Leonardo Scanferla and spiker Francesco Recine spoke about volleyball to over one hundred students.

Vittorino Francani spoke about the project that wants the red and white club to be ever closer to young people and schools and therefore urged those present “to approach sport in general and volleyball in particular even as simple fans if not as athletes” inviting those present to the the team’s next home games.

Renato Barbon also made an invitation: “doing sport helps a lot to form a group, to have excellent experiences, don’t miss the opportunity to come and visit us, let’s take a test to evaluate the possibility of becoming part of our youth sector”.

Leonardo Scanferla, in his fifth season in Piacenza, spoke of his sporting journey which began “with football, then I moved on to volleyball and I have never abandoned this sport. The advice I can give you is to always listen to those who have more experience than us, cultivate dreams and always do it one hundred percent in what you do.”

Francesco Recine, in his third season in Piacenza, in underlining that “sport unites” and that “I have got a lot from sport and I hope to still have a lot”, urged the students to “always give their all in what they do both at school, in sport and in life”.

Many curiosities asked by the students. From how much a volleyball player earns to what they would have wanted to do if they hadn’t become volleyball players and then moving on to where they would like to play if not in Piacenza and the best moment since being in Piacenza.