Stefano Giannotti is by far the most experienced player on the Personal Time roster. Last summer the sporting director Eugenio Tassan won it knowing full well that the opponent from Padua would have abundantly repaid the esteem received. During the year he reached 400 blocks in his career and was the best scorer of his team: “The fact of having reached the final – says Giannotti – is the greatest prize, the culmination of an extremely positive season. Winning with a stronger team than us would have been the icing on the cake, the Marche players were better and should be given to them.  We are disappointed that we didn’t get to game three.”

It’s the right time to look at what was done during the tournament: “The glass is not half full but overflowing, I understood that we could have gone far after the first match with Lagonegro. The victory against Mantua is the best of the whole year, in the regular season we hadn’t taken away any sets.”

Time to take stock at Personal Time: “The balance sheet is more than positive, not so much because we went to the final due to the jump in category, with a young group that left for salvation we had the chance to move up. There are teams that spend a lot of money, and in this situation it is easier to play to win the championship. We had some twenty-year-olds who weren’t starters last year, thinking about this aspect, getting one step away from the finish line is an incredible satisfaction. The final for us is like a leap in category. It would have been nice to end with a victory in front of our fans.”