For Avimecc Volley Modica, preparation for the play-off phase of the A3 volleyball championship begins today.

In fact, Enzo Distefano’s boys, after the trip to Palmi which closed the regular season, had two days of rest to catch their breath, but from today they will return to the gym to start preparing for the difficult challenge on Tuesday 2 April, when “PalaRizza” at 8pm there will be the “battleship” Smartsystem Fano which will challenge the “Galletti” for game 1 of the first play-off round.

In the Biancoazzurra home, everyone is aware of the strength of the Marche team which in the regular season ranked second behind Macerata, but no one wants to leave beaten. Everyone wants to play their chances, but above all the team that has deservedly won a place in the promotion play-off grid and wants to try until the end to put a spanner in the works of those who start as the underdogs.

The mountain to climb is very difficult, but in volleyball and in sport in general nothing should be taken for granted. All matches must be played and predictions are born to be subverted.

Maximum concentration, therefore, to try to arrive in the best physical and mental conditions at the most important event of the season, which showcased a young team with plenty of room for improvement and a technical staff that demonstrated professionalism and skills on which be able to bet in the future too.

In any case, Tuesday at the “PalaRizza” will be a beautiful evening of volleyball which will hopefully have as its backdrop the public for special occasions who will arrive in large numbers to support the team which will do everything it can to provide great emotions.