After years of success and significant goals achieved, Sieco Service Impavida Pallavolo Ortona and its historic Coach Nunzio Lanci announce, by mutual agreement, the end of their collaboration.

Fundamental pillar of Ortonese Volleyball, Nunzio Lanci led the team with passion for over 20 years, reaching goals that have rightfully entered the history of the club. Under his guidance, the team progressed quickly from Serie C to Serie A2, consolidating its presence in the top national leagues year after year.

Two diamonds of Sieco led by Coach Lanci.

In the 2014/2015 sports season, Sieco won the Serie A2 regular season, finishing in first place in a championship, which for the first time included the promotion play-offs. Then in the 2022/2023 season he found immediate redemption by winning the Serie A3 Championship, immediately regaining access to the second national series.

The decision to undertake new professional challenges was made by mutual agreement, recognizing the need for new stimuli and perspectives both for the club and for Coach Lanci, who will remain, by his own admission, the number one fan of our colours. Sieco therefore wishes to express the most sincere good luck and the deepest gratitude to Nunzio for his unwavering commitment and the skills demonstrated in these unforgettable years spent together.