Game 3 Final Play-off Promotion A3 Credem Banca:
Gabbiano Mantova-Banca Macerata 0-3 (24-26, 23-25, 15-25)

Gabbiano Mantova: Martinelli 0, Yordanov 6, Miselli 2, Novello 14, Parolari 7, Ferrari 7, Sommavilla (L), Catellani (L), Scaltriti 1, Tauletta 0, Depalma 2, Gola 0. N.E. Zanini, Massafeli Iasi Pedroso. All. Serafini. Banca Macerata: Marsili 3, Zornetta 12, Fall 10, Penna 22, Lazzaretto 4, Sanfilippo 3, Ravellino (L), Pahor 0, Scrollavezza 1, Gabbanelli (L), Gigli 0. N.E. Orazi, Owusu, D’Amato. All. Castellano. REFEREES: Vecchione, Authors. NOTES – set duration: 31′, 30′, 25′; total: 86′.

Two hard-fought sets and a triumphant ride in the third act. Banca Macerata wins the decisive match of the Promotion Playoff in Lombardy and Credem Banca flies to Serie A2 with a great performance on the pitch of Gabbiano Mantova. Trailing after the first round of the best-of-three match, Maurizio Castellano’s boys celebrate an extraordinary achievement thanks to the comeback in the home match and the away masterpiece against a rival of great value. Simone Serafini’s team must quickly put aside the disappointment because they will return to play in the A3 Credem Banca Play Off Semifinals.